We craft the castle that will be a safe and cozy shelter for your family. Every new project is unique, designed with the client in mind. Many students are cash-strapped, nowadays. Nevertheless, their purchasing power is very high.


What we offer


Services overview

- Master planning and programming

- Feasibility and cost studies

- Building, landscape and urban concept presented to the private client

with the help of photorealistic renderings, animations and physical models

- Schematic and Design Development

- Permit drawings and documentation

- Construction Design detailed sets of drawings and Bidding

- Interior Space Design

- Furniture and Object Design

- Adaptive Reuse and Historical Renovation

- Delivering low-energy buildings through multidisciplinary teams that introduce energy efficiency

and a sustainable approach from the earliest stages of each project.

- Early estimates / bill of quantities

- Market research

- Budgeting

- Time and programming schedules

- Private agreements and contracts

- Fulfilling employer obligations towards public services / permits

- Monitoring and supervision of site work throughout the duration of the construction.

- Finances management and payment of workshops, suppliers, contractors and public sector services.

24/7 premium customer services

- Logistic calculations, issuing and printing of common expenses tables monthly and collection of tenant payments.

- Payments, maintenance and update of management accounting books.

- Planning and implementation of maintenance work approved by the General Assembly of owners.

- Maintenance of common spaces aesthetics and cleanliness.

- Maintenance and upgrade of electrical and mechanical installations

including original VOLHEATMAG systems by experienced personnel and genuine parts.

- Maintenance, installation and upgrade of landscaping, greenery and pools. design © 2019 • PRIVACY POLICY