We craft the castle that will be a safe and cozy shelter for your family. Every new project is unique, designed with the client in mind. Many students are cash-strapped, nowadays. Nevertheless, their purchasing power is very high.



Beautiful Houses

The purpose of each proposal is to deliver a fully functional and environmentally conscious building that fulfills the needs and aesthetics of its users by sensitively and sensually adhering to the site character and the program specifics.

A beautiful house is a not just a house. It is a home. And a home is not a place, it is an irrevocable condition, like life. It is nature.

Our beautiful house emerges from the natural state of the site and resembles nature...



Dynamic Cities

Urban areas are conceived as multivalent synthetic complexities consisting of various conflicting elements, such as highways, which splice the urban fabric producing virtual obstacles and opposing spatial experiences.

We propose "diversionary tactics" of intervention in order to infiltrate the opposing logics that operate in multiple scales inside the study area.

This procedure could become the "battering ram" which will penetrate the above obstacles and offer a chance for novel urban readings and connections...


Construction Services

During construction, all the industry and legal procedures relating to Project and Construction Management need to be followed. Our company offers this specialized service as part of the "design-built” products but also as an independent service.

Construction management is not contracting, it is a service that aims to trouble the client with the project as little as possible. However, the client has complete supervision on the execution time and the cost. This is achieved through the following specific actions...

Project Management

We provide the client with detailed presentation of the project cost within the proposed budget, on the basis of quantity estimates, the updated and agreed tenders with suppliers and crews and offer our explicit commitment to its observance. At the same time,we perform cautious and economical management of budgetary resources and limitations.


Developmental Potential

Our master planning services focus on developing healthy, safe places in which people can thrive, communities can evolve and the environment can flourish. We identify complex urban problems, key risks and issues and we suggest solutions for all kind of urban, suburban, industrial and green areas. Commercial feasibility remains central to our consultancy.

Design and Build

We strive to offer clients a unique view of the design process with fresh and contemporary ideas and playful characteristics. Each one of our works is engaged in constant dialogue with the site and reflects the changing needs of the client. We emphasize sustainable building and site development by incorporating bioclimatic design and advanced mechanical systems for maximun energy efficiency.

Perfect Experience

We approache property and facility management from an owner’s perspective and delivers unparalleled service with asset management and energy efficiency. We believe that well managed properties with satisfied tenants gain better caliber tenants, higher rents and retain or increase their real estate value in time.

From the blog

By insisting that architecture is really about society,culture and politics, and how these things change and interact, Koolhaas’ book transcends the retelling of urban history. It looks at urban life in this century as a fluid, largely chaotic “culture of congestion”.On the other hand, Vidler presents a brilliant meditation on the quality of the relationship between body and space, the individual and the city, the “alive” monster and its inhospitable environment.  Can architects -like Dr.Frankenstein’s kids- assert lasting control over it? Would they want to?

Is it a piece of art, simply the result of an individual initiative or can it carry the complex of the knowledge and the ideologies of its era? How does the work may give birth to multiple interpretations under different social and historical conditions? How does itself or its image is transformed to a symbol and in what ways does this symbol is being read from time to time?

“Meet me at the Brain”: If this phrase enters the everyday dialogues of the Varna residents and visitors, then the scope of this building proposal will have been successful. By adding popular 24 hr. functions to the ones already included in the building program, such as a café/bar and a small mall with gym at the ground level, we aim to attract a larger number of visitors than would usually be interested in typical sterilized library buildings...



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Maintenance Services

Our company undertakes the overall handling of your building management with responsibility and seriousness, at very competitive prices.

Our aim is to support your building for its smooth and orderly functioning by handling the logistics of montly expenses and services.

We also undertake the design and implementation of all kinds of technical and construction upgrade and repair work on your existing building...

Our Philosophy