We craft the castle that will be a safe and cozy shelter for your family. Every new project is unique, designed with the client in mind. Many students are cash-strapped, nowadays. Nevertheless, their purchasing power is very high.


Building Management and Maintenance

Our company undertakes the overall handling of your building management with responsibility and seriousness, at very competitive prices.


Our aim is to support your building for its smooth and orderly functioning. Our services include:


- Logistic calculations, issuing and printing of common expenses tables monthly.


- Collection of tenant payments at predetermined times and days during each month.


- Payment of regular tenancy costs (Power Service, Water Service etc.)


- Maintenance and update of management accounting books.


- Planning and implementation of maintenance work approved by the General Assembly of owners.


- Full implementation of the regulations of the building and the General Assembly decisions.


- Maintenance of public spaces aesthetics and cleanliness.


- Maintenance of electrical and mechanical installations.


- Maintenance of the central heating system and the boiler room with equipment.


- Maintenance - repair of autonomous heating installations including

original VOLHEATMAG systems by experienced personnel and genuine parts.


- Sewage repair and maintenance.


- Fire systems repair and maintenance.


We also undertake the design and implementation of all kinds of technical and construction work on your existing building including but not limited to the following:


- Maintenance, installation and upgrading of elevators.


- Maintenance of landscaping, greenery and pools.


- Replacement of obsolete oil heating systems by natural gas or other environment friendly systems.


- Cleaning, repair and replacement of chimneys.


- Design, installation of calorimeters.


- Design heating - heat cost allocation tables.


- Painting (interior and exterior).


- Insulation - seals (roof, walls, basement).


- Renovations and furnishings. design approaches property and facility management from an owner’s perspective and delivers unparalleled service with asset management and energy efficiency. We believe that well managed properties with satisfied tenants gain better caliber tenants, higher rents and retain or increase their real estate value in time.