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Dynamic Cities


Urban areas are conceived as multivalent synthetic complexities consisting of various conflicting elements, such as highways, which splice the urban fabric producing virtual obstacles and opposing spatial experiences.


The city fabric is  organized by complex grid systems consisting of various patterns, which were irregularly developed  historically. This patterns affect negatively possible city rejuvenation and impose the idea of the grid-machine which proved both environmentally unsustainable and expendable.


Circulation along and under these various grid systems was also destined to be problematic, since there is no direct connection to the city’s massive transportation facilities.


This is also one of the reasons for the poor interrelation between existing open public spaces. Fragments of green (parks) and gray (vacant land, parking lots) open spaces take turns subsequently and they float independently, like black holes, like trenches of survival in the city’s vastness.


All these limitations of accessibility are directly informed by the city’s zoning regulations. The massive manufacturing zones along the water’s boundary are the resultant of the productive city concept that favored the absolute separation of land uses and built invisible barriers between activities.


The outcome of the multiple grid systems super-imposition and of the temporal regulations was the construction of artificial controversy between public and private interest and socialization along the city's periphery.


Since we have identified all these conditions that raise "moving" impediments in the city, we plan to implement "diversionary tactics" of intervention in order to infiltrate the opposing logics that operate in multiple scales inside the study area.

This procedure could become the "battering ram" which will penetrate the above obstacles and offer a chance for novel urban readings and connections.


In this complex battleground, this chessboard, all checkers are set up. What’s remaining is to guess the next move. design ‘s  team of planners addresses the complex issues affecting our towns and neighborhoods through design strategies that are both visionary and practical, in order to achieve full developmental potential.


Our master planning services focus on developing healthy, safe places in which people can thrive, communities can evolve and the environment can flourish. We identify complex urban problems, key risks and issues and we suggest solutions for all kind of urban, suburban, industrial and green areas. Commercial feasibility remains central to our consultancy.


The diverse range of completed buildings we have designed ensures that we consider the micro-scale to the macro-scale in our masterplans. Our designers are architects, urban design architects and landscape architects that regularly work in and lead diverse teams of other specialists including real estate consultants, artists and transportation experts.


We strive to optimize the benefits and special identity of each site’s characteristics such as historic settings, topography and landscape features, climate and water attributes and existing building fabric.