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Duplex Apartment in Halandri

Duplex Apartment in Halandri design © 2016 • PRIVACY POLICY design © 2016 • PRIVACY POLICY design © 2019 • PRIVACY POLICY

Only the exterior envelope and the interior stair were preserved at the renovation, re-imagination of this 25 years old single family house in a quiet suburb of Athens.


All interior walls and part of the floor slab were demolished in order to really transform the house into a unified, well-aired, well-lit, livable space, inhabited by a young family.


The main living room area becomes a dramatic double-height center stage around and above which all other functions are orchestrated. All rooms are optically connected through this void.


An open, inox steel, fireplace in the middle virtually divides the dining-kitchen area from the rest of the living room and sets the tone for the rest of the interventions.

Wood, steel and glass are used extensively in various combinations throughout the house in order to separate the private family spaces from the common areas, while sculptural touches offer the house a playful character.



SS.MM design / Savvas Sarafidis, Melpi Maglivera


PHOTOGRAPHER: Pavlos Tsokounoglou


PROJECT LOCATION: Halandri, Athens


LOT AREA: 160 sq.m.


BUILDING AREA: 160 sq.m.