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Construction Management

During construction, all the industry and legal procedures relating to Project and Construction Management need to be followed. Our company design, offers this specialized service as part of the "design-built” products but also as an independent service.

Construction management is not contracting, it is a service that aims to trouble the client with the project as little as possible. However, the client has complete supervision on the execution time and the cost. This is achieved through the following specific actions:


1. Early estimates / bill of quantities


- We perform detailed quantity calculations for each designated work, based on the approved studies, in order to achieve a precise determination of the total cost.


2. Market research


- We constantly search of materials, suppliers and contractors for the most advantageous offers, always based on the technical and quality requirements of each project.


- We regularly perform contractor checks for the integrity of their materials and tools, for the legal labor documentation of their stuff and their general consistency with their contractual commitments.


- We regularly perform supplier checks for the quality and reliability of their company, the integrity of their materials and equipment and the general delivery consistency.


3. Budgeting


- We provide the client with detailed presentation of the project cost within the proposed budget on the basis of quantity estimates, the updated and agreed tenders with suppliers and crews and offer our explicit commitment to its observance.


4. Time and programming schedules


- We set up the project timetable, from start to completion and a detailed sequence of each specific phase.


- We present elaborate GANTT and PERT charts and we identify the critical project execution points and paths.


- We perform detailed and mindful management of material resources and staff.


- We perform cautious and economical management of budgetary resources and limitations.


5. Private agreements and contracts


We oversee the preparation of specialized private agreements and contracts between the client, the workshops and suppliers, in order to ensure:


- Compliance with the task and time scheduler.


- Budget compliance.


- Financial management compliance and on-time payments.


- Clear understanding of the obligations from both parties.


- The imposition of penalties.


- Keeping of detailed technical specifications.


- Compliance with safety and health rules of workers.


6. Fulfilling employer obligations towards public services / permits


- We deal with the paperwork and bureaucracy of the related public sector departments (building department permits, power and water corporations, public safety, health and police departments etc.) and manage network and infrastructure connections.


- We fulfill Social Security paperwork for worker benefits.


- We monitor compliance with minimum building construction costs in relation to the required tax returns.


7. Monitoring and supervision of site work throughout the duration of the construction.


- Construction site organization and management.


- Compliance with safety and health rules for workers.


- Extensive progress calendar.


- Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the delivery of materials and logistics.


- Detailed and strict quality control and inspection of services performed by workers and technicians.


- Return of faulty materials or underwhelming site work.

- Foreman on construction site.


8. Payment of workshops, suppliers, contractors and public sector services.


- We keep detailed cost and payment books on behalf of the employer.


- We perform measurement operations at the end of predetermined construction phases in order to settle up contractors and suppliers.