We craft the castle that will be a safe and cozy shelter for your family. Every new project is unique, designed with the client in mind. Many students are cash-strapped, nowadays. Nevertheless, their purchasing power is very high.


Our beautiful houses

Our purpose is to deliver a fully functional and environmentally conscious building that fulfills the needs and aesthetics of its users by sensitively and sensually adhering to the site character and the program specifics.


Our beautiful house is a not just a house. It is a home. And a home is not a place, it is an irrevocable condition, like life. It is nature.

Our beautiful houses emerge from the natural state of the site and resemble nature.


First step of each design process is to analyze the site and develop a synthetic tool and diagram. The diagram, as grid, is then scaled, rotated and transposed on the location as needed.


Our beautiful house is a beautiful landscape. It has many bends, many ups and down, hills and canyons. That’s its beauty.


Our houses are conceived as complex landscapes of neighboring hills with canyons among them. The diagram polylines are extruding into planes towards the sky creating the hills, while the void among them is fulfilled by planes intruding into the earth, creating canyons.

The massing of the future house is created this way, gushing from the land. With the help of both virtual and physical models, the various possibilities of spatial organization are explored within the proposed massing.


Our beautiful house is above all else, a condition of existing, of walking, talking, reading, smelling, eating, dancing, painting, playing, meeting and interacting with other people in familiar environment. It is movement and change and passion, the miracle of life.


Common and private activities, uses, are organized freely and flowing under the hilly roofs and around the canyon voids in curvilinear succession, like a river that runs through them. Secondary and supporting uses are crammed at the foot of the hills, while primary uses occupy the core of the complex.


The canyons are translated into basement spaces, ramps and pools that transcribe the house and interconnect the activities, both of the interior space but also of the exterior gardens.


The final proposal embodies our vision of a beautiful house that is both introverted, offering welcome shelter and warmth in a vast site but at the same time, also fluid and theoretically ever expanding to cover additional or future needs, within the same process and concept of emergence.


In design, we strive to offer clients a unique view of the design process with fresh and contemporary ideas and playful characteristics. Each one of our works is engaged in constant dialogue with the site and reflects the changing needs of the client. We emphasize sustainable building and site development by incorporating bioclimatic design and advanced mechanical systems for maximun energy efficiency.